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SII is the only support and service agency for people who have sustained spinal cord injuries and their families. We provide a nationwide person centred service to assist people to engage fully in society following their injury. We rely on fundraising for 60% of our income.

Discovering the Power in Me

Discovering the Power in Me is a programme developed by the Pacific Institute, Canada in collaboration with people who have sustained a traumatic injury as well as professionals in the field. The ‘Discovering the Power in

Upcoming Activities

Events at the NRH Airsoft – every Thursday 6pm in the NRH Peer Mentoring – every second Monday in the lecture room at the NRH Events in the community These are an opportunity to get together for

Active Me

Active Me is the social, adaptive sports and outdoor activities programme for patients in the National Rehabilitation Hospital. Fully inclusive and accessible, Active Me is a great opportunity to have some fun while enjoying new experiences

Early Days

Spinal Injuries Ireland’s Early Days Programme is a service for you and your family to support you in adjusting to life with a Spinal Cord Injury. Our Community Outreach Officer in your area is available to

Someone Like Me

The ‘Someone Like Me’ Programme is a peer mentoring programme available to patients with Spinal Cord Injury in the NRH. Peer mentoring is about sharing experiences with other people in a similar situation in a relaxed

Community Connect

SII offer a range of community services that allow us to work directly with people and families living with Spinal Cord Injuries. Support Visits Within 6-8 weeks of discharge from the NRH, we aim to have

SCI Counselling

Our Community Outreach Officer can assist you and your family members in sourcing subsidised counselling in your local area. If you have a medical card, you can be referred by your GP for 8 sessions of free

Active Me Connect

Active Me Connect is our national adaptive sport and outdoor activities programme. This programme supports people with spinal injury across the country who enjoy sport and want to join their local club, while also supporting the

Future Me

Our ‘Future Me’ Programme is especially for people who want to start thinking about their options for education, training and employment. At the National Rehabilitation Hospital While you are in the NRH, you may choose to

On the Horizon

Spinal Injuries Ireland is currently developing an information pack on the latest research and developments in the search for a cure for a spinal cord injury. In addition to information packs we are planning on organising


Options offers you information on the latest rehabilitation techniques worldwide. We are seeking funding for this programme at present.

Legal Support

If you or a person close to you has experienced a spinal cord injury, you may wish to seek legal advice. Free legal advice clinics are available in the offices of Spinal Injuries Ireland at the

Resource Centre at the NRH

Our Resource Centre is located at the back of the NRH on Pottery Road. Our new address is: G3 Pottery Business Centre, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin Patients, family members, friends and clients are all welcome to

Spinal Injuries Ireland,
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