COVID-19 ~ Some Wellbeing Resources For You

We’re having quite a year, and we all need a little help to get us through. Starting with a plan to do one small thing that will keep you well is a great way to look after, your mental and physical, health and wellbeing.

SII ~ My Life and Wellbeing During COVID-19 – In October 2020 SII hosted our first ever national online conference.


SII ~ Yoga for the Weekend – This eight part Yoga course is delivered by Justin Feddis.


SII ~ Pilates at Home – A fantastic 14 part Pilates course delivered by Denise Coughlan.


SII ~ Healthy Eating Habits – Ali Dorgan’s six part series examining healthy meal options during COVID-19.


SII ~ Understanding COVID-19 – Coping strategies to manage fear and anxiety.


SII ~ Looking after your well-being during COVID-19 – Jack Kavanagh, Life Coach.


SII ~ Exercise and Stretching – Advice from Ronan Langan, Physiotherapist.


SII ~ Mental and physical well-being – A message from John Lynch, Physiotherapist, NRH


Healthy Ireland

The Healthy Ireland Vision
A healthy Ireland where everyone can enjoy physical and mental health and wellbeing to their full potential, where wellbeing is valued and supported at every level of society and is everyone’s responsibility. Find ideas on what you can do and what’s available in your local community on the Healthy Ireland website.

Healthy Ireland ~ Dept of Health

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