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    I was wondering if anybody would have any first-hand experience (or know anyone who has) with acquiring a double bed?

    I have a service user interested in getting a double profiling bed but finding the regular routes for getting himself informed (i.e. suppliers, physio’s and OT’s) less than useful.

    It’s a big investment and one that he would like to get right but feels that he would be almost buying blindly if he was to take the leap with his current knowledge.

    The bed will be purchased privately without HSE assistance – unless anyone knows of a way to force or coerce them into at least helping with funding. The type of thing he would like to know more about are:

    ·         Suggestions and recommendations – types/makes/models

    ·         What to consider before purchasing – What questions to ask?

    ·         Recommended suppliers and/or manufacturers?

    ·         Maintenance and follow up

    ·         Anything else you might want to add




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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