Jubilee Sailing Trust Bursaries

Lord NelsonSII is delighted to announce a bursary fund available for one or more people with Spinal Cord Injury and a buddy to sail upon one of the fully accessible tall ships for the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST). This is a partnership between the Irish Cruising Club, the Jubilee Sailing Trust-Irish and Spinal Injuries Ireland.

The JST is a registered charity whose mission is to promote the integration of people of all physical abilities through the challenge and adventure of tall ships sailing aboard two very special ships, Lord Nelson and Tenacious.JST rig

They offer both able bodied and disabled people holidays where you get the chance to experience working together in a fantastic environment. They also find a number of people take the opportunity to go on one of their tall ship sailing adventures by themselves.

Every aspect of ship board life is accessible and available to all from setting sails, going aloft and helming the ship. You are required to use a manual wheelchair whilst on board. You and your buddy are there to support each other and be part of the team on board.

The bursary value is €750 euro. We would love to use these bursaries to fund as many people as possible. We can provide a full bursary to one person and their buddy or a part funded bursary to more than one if you are able to cover some of the costs yourself. The bursary can also cover the cost of travel to the tall ship. Check out the voyages here.

JST Crew

For more information check out the Jubilee Sailing Trust.

Also check out some videos here.

To apply please tell us why you feel a voyage could make a difference to you. You can apply in writing, make a video or be as creative as you like. Please also let us know whether you will require a full or part funded bursary.

The deadline is the 6th Dec 2015, please send your application to Jen.Ridley@spinalinjuries.ie or alternatively drop it off to the Spinal Injuries Ireland Office. Winners will be announced by 20th Dec 2015.

JST mast

Good Luck!

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