What about my wheelchair cushion?

Take your wheelchair cushion with you onto the plane and don’t leave it on the chair. If you don’t take it with you, it will go into the hold and may become separated from your wheelchair. Some people leave their cushion securely fastened to the wheelchair and take a second, more suitable cushion on board the aircraft.

The seat cushion on the aircraft seat is a held in by Velcro, so it is possible to remove and replace with your pressure relieving cushion.

This means that you are able to sit on your own cushion and still be at a comfortable height in the aircraft seat.

Please note that certain cushions may need to be deflated, for guidance please contact your local wheelchair services. Roho cushions will need the air pressure adjusted due to the cabin pressure at high altitude. Air will need to be removed as the plane reaches high altitude and re-inflated on arrival.