Community Connect

SII offer a range of community services that allow us to work directly with people and families living with Spinal Cord Injuries.

Support Visits

Within 6-8 weeks of discharge from the NRH, we aim to have one of our Community Outreach Officers visit you at home. To get you back to a social and fulfilled life, your Outreach Officer will work with you to agree on short term or long term goals. These goals are focused around lifestyle choices such as education, employment, health and well being including sport. Your Outreach Officer will work with you to break your goals down into achievable steps and where there may be challenges or barriers they will work with you to find solutions so you can fulfil your goals. No matter if you are a recent injury or you have been living with your injury for some years, SII’s support service is available to you. All you have to do is email or phone 01-2355317

Local Meetings and Talks

Our Community Outreach Officers organise regular meet ups in local areas. Relaxed, easy and informal, there is often a speaker, who will discuss a topic relevant to Spinal Cord Injury. There is always time to socialise, making it a good opportunity to chat to other people in similar circumstances.

Stay updated and find out when your next meeting is through your local Community Outreach Officer, our web page, Facebook or our magazine.

If you would like a visit from a Community Outreach Officer please contact us on 01 2355317.

View our useful information leaflet here Community Outreach Officer Leaflet