Someone Like Me

The ‘Someone Like Me’ Programme is a peer mentoring programme available to patients with Spinal Cord Injury in the NRH.

Peer mentoring is about sharing experiences with other people in a similar situation in a relaxed environment. Peer support is an effective buffer for stress and is shown to increase a person’s sense of empowerment and self-efficacy.

Someone Like Me provides support in whatever way works best for the individuals involved.

Meeting your Mentor

Your mentor will be at least 3 years post injury. It’s as simple as having a coffee and a chat with them or depending on your situation you can also chat via email or telephone.

Meetings at the NRH

Currently available for patients in the NRH, a number of SII Clients volunteer as peer mentors and attend a peer mentoring session every other Monday from 7pm to 8pm in the Lecture Room of the NRH.

This session is very relaxed and informal. There is a short group discussion followed by the option to have a chat with other people in the group. This is a comfortable way to discuss and understand the process of adjusting to Spinal Cord Injury and a great way to meet your fellow patients.

All patients in the NRH with a spinal cord injury are very welcome to come along. If you would like to connect with a peer volunteer between sessions either by phone or in person, this can also be arranged.

Peer Volunteers

Trained in the mentor – mentee relationship, Peer Volunteers are people with varying injury levels and interests. Each peer has their own story and experience to share with you and are ready to listen to yours.

We are always looking for more peer volunteers in the Dublin area. If you are 3 or more years post injury and think this could be for you, please contact Kate Duggan ( / 01 2355317 Ext 207).

Spinal Injuries Ireland is currently seeking funds to expand our peer mentoring service nationwide.

View our useful information leaflet here Someone Like Me Leaflet