Seamus – “The Crafty Gardener”

This will be my 4th year working on this vegetable garden so things should be getting easier, although you’re always adding in something new. Last year I added a compost box which has made a great improvement. This year I will add in some new flower beds, one on top of the compost box and one behind it.

Another project I am looking forward to this year is the hanging baskets for my strawberries. The strawberries are beginning to take up too much room on the ground so I’ll have to make some hanging baskets out of timber frames to put them in. It will be a garden of strawberries in the sky. Dermot Gavin eat your heart out!!

As much as I like gardening I try not to let it take up all of my time, even though I consider it great therapy when I’m not feeling the best. At the moment I’ve been doing some craft work, it is great for the winter months. I’ve made a craft tall ship and some Celtic wooden spoons. It’s great because it keeps me linked to people in my local town when I go in to buy materials and to show off my work. They also make great presents for my family and friends.

I’ve converted the garage into a bit of a workshop over the years. It’s primitive enough as I only have some basic tools, but it works for me. You’d be surprised what you can do with some basic tools. If I ever need anything I go to my local Men’s Shed and they are more than helpful lending me any machines or saws or knowledge I need.
It sounds as if I have a busy life, I would have nothing if it wasn’t for my two daughters. They really do keep me going. I look forward to seeing them every week. Emily is in college now and Caitlin is doing her school exams. I am so proud of them not only for what they are doing but also because of the people they have become. They are such amazing girls with big hearts and I am thankful for them every day. I would also like to thank my family who have always been there for me and encouraged my gardening and crafts all the way. I would also like to thank my cousin Brendan who comes over from time to time to cook me dinner! I also must thank my brothers Sean and Tommy who always take time out of their lives to come and visit me and care of me when I need it most which really keeps me going.

A final thank you goes to my Community Outreach Officer Deirdre, for coming to see me and help me out when I need the support. I would like to leave you with this final message, “Take care and remember that you are all as important as anybody else in this world”
-Seamus Galvin