Social Insurance (PRSI) Payments

To qualify for a social welfare payment you and/or your employer must have paid PRSI on your behalf two years before the tax year in which you are applying. For example, if you apply for a social welfare payment in 2015, PRSI must have been paid on your behalf in 2013.

Payments based on your PRSI contributions include:

Illness Benefit
Jobseeker’s Benefit
Maternity Benefit
Adoptive Benefit
Health and Safety Benefit
Invalidity Pension
Widow/Widower/Surviving Civil Partner’s Contributory Pension
Guardian’s Payment (Contributory)
State Pension (Contributory)
Treatment Benefit
Occupational Injuries Benefit
Carer’s Benefit

For up-to-date information about each of these payments, please visit your local Department of Social Protection office or Citizens Information Bureau or find further information here.

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