What is the NRH Vocational Programme?

Spinal Injury Ireland (SII) and National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) work together to provide a unique service especially for people who want to start thinking about their options for education, training and employment following a spinal cord injury. Anyone who attends the NRH can link in with this programme.

While you are in the NRH, you can work with the Vocational Rehabilitation Team to look at your options for returning to employment. This team includes the NRH Vocational Occupational Therapist, the NRH Medical Social Worker and a SII Community Outreach Officer.

What’s involved?

With your consent, the team will work with you to look at your employment, education and training options specific to you. A vocational assessment is carried out by the Occupational Therapist and a vocational plan is drawn up. We will help you with any challenges regarding employers or education and training, working with you to find a solution.

Each person will be linked in with a Community Outreach officer from Spinal Injuries Ireland to follow up with your progress after you leave the NRH. We will link you in with relevant local services such as employment and local training and services.

We'd love to hear from you to see how we can help

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