For people living with a SCI

Our Community Outreach Officers (COOs) are here to provide support to those living with a spinal cord injury (SCI). They show the signposts to the new future, ‘which will not be the same, but can still be a great one’. Our services are case managed by our Head of Services.

Those who sustain a SCI often face difficulties returning home, dealing with housing issues, interpersonal relationships, employment, transport and with having their personal care needs met. This is where our COOs are instrumental in empowering the service user to set and achieve realistic goals using the principles of active support.

The COOs work with the person with the SCI to set achievable goals which are categorised into short, medium, and long term. Goals are unique to the individual and are influenced by personality factors, age, family dynamics, gender, material circumstances, community resources, previous responses to stress and the physical effects of the injury.

COOs engage with relevant support networks at a local level to ensure the person with a SCI have access to essential local services.

Regular support in terms of education sessions with expert speakers discuss topics relevance to SCI. Our peer programme supports patients in the National Rehabilitation Hospital where there is always time to socialise, making it a good opportunity to chat to other people in similar circumstances. All programmes are also delivered online.

Whether you need answers to a simple question, or need assistance in some other way, we’re here to help. Please contact us using the link below, we look forward to hearing from you.

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