Great Day Out

Our Great Day Out Programme is a simple way for people living with a SCI to add a bit of fun to their lives and do something a bit special for a day.  Whether that be going out with friends or family to a special event, going to international sporting events or concerts, SII will facilitate everything so the person with a SCI doesn’t have to worry about a thing.  We’ll source tickets, transport them to and from the event and make dinner arrangements.

The Great Day Out Programme isn’t just an effective way for people with a SCI to forget about their worries for a day.  For many, it is the first bold step to integrating their lives back into society.  Going outside the front door can feel overwhelming and hugely daunting in a wheelchair.  Transitioning to and from a car, not knowing whether the destination will have access ramps, worrying about accessibility to toilets are just some of the worries and challenges faced.  The Great Day Out is often the first opportunity a person with a SCI gets to go outside the hospital gates.  For many, it is a pivotal moment in overcoming both the psychological and physical barriers of returning to a normal life.  The smoother and more enjoyable we can make this experience, the more confidence it inspires.

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