Naomi Fitzgibbon, our Head of Services, is a Patient/Public Representative on the MTA Governance Committee. Naomi presented on the finding of the Major Trauma Audit Paediatric Report 2014-2019 and will be interviewed on RTE News at 6 o’clock this evening.
“I very much welcome this important report which is the first of its kind in Ireland. 26 hospitals in Ireland reported on Major Trauma in paediatrics. The findings highlighted that falls, road traffic collisions and burns are the most common cause of major trauma in children. The purpose of the report is not only to highlight the incidents and causes of major trauma but also to highlight the safety messages about how to prevent the incident occurring in the first place. Major trauma in children can leave the child with a life long disability which affect the child and the whole family.”

See infographics below on key findings and tips on how to prevent major trauma in children.

And the summary report:

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