Social Assistance Payments

Jobseeker’s Benefit & Jobseeker’s Allowance
Social assistance payments are for people who don’t qualify for social insurance payments because they do not have enough PRSI contributions. For example, if you become unemployed and apply for Jobseeker’s Benefit but fail because you have insufficient PRSI contributions, you can apply for Jobseeker’s Allowance instead. Jobseeker’s Allowance is a similar payment but is not based on the number of PRSI contributions paid. Jobseeker’s Benefit is a social insurance payment but Jobseeker’s Allowance is a social assistance payment.

* Social assistance payments are means-tested. Meaning that the total amount of income coming into your household will be assessed and your payment will reflect that level of income.

Social assistance payments include:

Jobseeker’s Allowance
Farm Assist is an income support scheme for farmers
Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner’s (Non-Contributory) Pension
Guardian’s Payment (Non-Contributory)
Carer’s Allowance
Supplementary Welfare Allowance
State Pension (Non-Contributory)
Blind Pension
Disability Allowance
One-Parent Family Payment (OFP)
If you qualify for a social assistance payment, you may also be eligible for additional social welfare benefits.

Please visit your local Department of Social Protection office or Citizens Information Bureau for relevant, up-to-date information about each of the payments.

How do I apply for a social welfare payment?
To apply for a social welfare payment, you must contact your local Department of Social Protection (DSP) office where they will guide and advise you on your social welfare entitlements.


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