This is available to people on the Drugs Payment Scheme.The 12 Item List contains items that people with SCI are entitled to if needed through the Hardship Scheme (although please note that the Hardship Scheme may not be available in some health areas).Members who do not have a medical card are also entitled to the items through the Drugs Payment Scheme. The items currently on the list are as follows:

  1. K.Y. Jelly
  2. Glycerine Suppositories
  3. Incontinence sheets (for manual evacuation only)
  4. Non Sterile Disposable Gloves
  5. Wipes
  6. Urethral Catheter
  7. All Silicone Urethral Catheter
  8. Urinary Incontinence Sheath (urinary condom drainage)
  9. Leg Bags
  10. Overnight Drainage Bags (2 litre)
  11. Strapping
  12. Gauze Dressing

If you are on the Drugs Payment Scheme and not receiving the 12 items, you need to notify us here at SII and we will notify the Drugs Payment Board. The Drugs Payment Board will send you a form to complete and return. Your pharmacist will then be notified that you are entitled to the items on the list as part of the Drugs Payment Scheme. Please note that entitlement to these items is part of the €144 on the drugs payment scheme. If your total monthly pharmacy bill does not amount to €144 you will not receive these items free of charge.

Please contact your SII Community Outreach Officer or / (01) 653 2180 if you would like more information or assistance.