Bring awareness to your organisation: Meet with one of our ambassadors (someone with a SCI) and learn about the lesser known challenges of life with this kind of injury. Whether that be employment, education or social challenges, the lack of access to medical cards, or basic accessibility issues, there is a whole host of challenges that people with SCI’s face on a daily basis. Our inspirational Spinal Injuries Ireland Ambassadors are best placed to communicate the real-life implications of these devastating injuries to our A Day In My Wheels participants.

Date: Dublin: September 27th / Cork: October 4th 2023 

Download the Itinerary for Dublin on 27th September HERE

Download the Itinerary for Cork on 4th October HERE

Format: We will pair participants up with an ambassador. The ambassador will then visit the participant’s place of work to help them see their day-to-day surroundings in a completely new light, and help them come to understand what happens and what is needed should a colleague or a colleague’s family member ever sustain a SCI. (Please note, if it is not possible to visit a company’s place of work, a neutral venue can be arranged).

By taking part in this initiative and listening to our ambassadors, your company will be better placed to support staff and their families should a SCI happen to one of them. You will identify gaps in your immediate knowledge, learn how you can address these issues within your workplace, and how to adapt as an organisation so that your team and their families can see and know that you are there to support them through the toughest of challenges as best as you possibly can.

Make a difference: We are asking companies to contribute €5,000 per participant to the initiative. These funds will directly help support over 2,300 people across Ireland to deal with exactly this situation.

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