Discovering the Power in Me

Discovering the Power in Me is a programme developed by the Pacific Institute, Canada in collaboration with people who have sustained a traumatic injury as well as professionals in the field.

The ‘Discovering the Power in Me’ programme comprises 12 learning units that refer to different life skills such as positive thinking, goal setting, cognitive functioning, and personal motivation. The units are integrated in a ‘whole person’ approach to personal effectiveness and teaches helpful tools to develop inner strength and resiliency required to reassert control over life. The 12 learning units are delivered over a 2 day period. At any stage in the journey of recovery, hope, belief in self and resiliency are essential. The programme provides the foundation upon which these attributes can be built. Translated into practical tools and techniques, participants easily understand and apply these concepts, thereby laying a strong foundation for growth, change, hope, self-worth and inner peace.

Who is it for?

Discovering the Power in Me is designed for those whose lives have made a sudden 180 degree turn because of injury or accident. Spinal Injuries Ireland has received funding for a ‘Discovering the Power in Me’ pilot project to deliver the training programme to a total of 80 young people (aged 15 to 25 years) who have sustained a spinal cord injury or brain injury. The pilot project will be evaluated by the School of Psychology, NUIG.

What are the outcomes?

This programme has proven successful outcomes whereby participants have achieved a higher quality of life, more expansive goals and the ability to successfully problem solve. The programme is designed to encourage participants into gainful employment and to develop an expanded capacity for independent living.

If you are interested in applying for a place on ‘Discovering the Power in Me’
Please contact Mary Dunne:
Tel: 01 235 5317

This project was approved by Government with support from the Dormant Accounts Fund.